Thank you for registering for this Rockhopper Workshop. Our goal is to make your workshop experience an exceptional one. From the time of registration until the workshop itself, we will keep in touch with you and help you prepare for the workshop. Kevin Raber who manages the Rockhopper workshops is well known for an exceptionally high-quality workshop experience. We are available by email and phone to help you get the most from this workshop.

A deposit of $1500.00 will be collected (unless noted otherwise in the workshop description) with this application. Other payments will be required as described in the workshop description. Terms in regards to refunds are specified in the workshop description on the web page.

  • To help put the best program possible together we would like to know more about you. Please take a few minutes and tell us about you and what you’d like to get out of this event.
  • Over the coming weeks we will be keeping you informed and updated on this workshop. You’ll receive an agenda and more details about the event. If you have any questions and or suggestions please feel free to contact Kevin Raber at or call +1-317-379-7482. Our goal is to make this the finest workshop you have ever attended.
  • Please check that you have filled out all the relevant fields. After clicking submit you will be given a link to the payment page for the 1.500 USD deposit.