Kevin Raber – Antarctica

Kevin Raber, owner of Rockhopper workshops has been leading workshops since 2005 to some of the most unique and picturesque locations on the planet. His one goal is to share with you the wonders of the locations being visited and to make sure you come home with incredible images.

Rockhopper is the leading provider of workshops to edge-of-the-planet destinations. Other than the cost of travel to and from the designated destination, most Rockhopper workshops are all-inclusive and provide attendees with an educational experience and adventure unlike any other.

There are a number of choices you can make when selecting a workshop. Our workshops are different as we provide experienced and knowledgeable instructors that are there to help you return with portfolio grade images. With a Rockhopper workshop, you stay together from the time you arrive at the destinations until your return trip home. We arrange and handle all transportation during the workshop. You don’t caravan like so many other workshops. Once on-site, we manage all elements of your stay so you can concentrate on taking and making great photographs. We believe that the learning experience of each workshop comes not just from exposure to great instructors, but also from the discussions at meals and while traveling to daily destinations with fellow attendees. You’ll take great images, make new friends and we’re certain, enjoy a few laughs.

After you attend one Rockhopper workshop you’ll be part of an international group of Rockhopper Workshop alumni. This growing group of photographers has made lasting friendships that began during one of our workshops. We look forward to seeing you and we are confident that once you’ve taken a Rockhopper workshop you’ll want to be part of another workshop to another world-class destination.

Updated February 2022

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