Mark Stothard is going to join the coaching team on the Luminous Landscape cruise on the True North next year both as a guide and a coach. Mark is not only a passionate photographer, he is also one of the 2 owners of the True North and as such has been cruising and photographing the Kimberley region now for a number of years and has done around 15 cruises into the Kimberley region. Mark will work in with the Crew on True North to ensure we get to the best locations at the right times, which will also take into consideration the huge 12m tides they get in this region.

Trained by his mentor and close friend Christian Fletcher (also coaching on this cruise), Mark often coaches photography whilst on True North and will be there to show case the Kimberley and his style to all that want to listen. His knowledge of the region is second to none!

He is a high achiever, having been involved in 7 businesses over the years with the main businesses being in aluminum ship building. Mark’s previous company built the True North!!!

To say that Mark is a focused individual would be a major understatement! Having accumulated 3,500 skydives in his time and also numerous Gold Medals in freefall competitions, Mark has applied the same focused and fast tracked learning techniques to photography.

Mark has a unique style of his own and is passionate about sharing his knowledge.

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