Kevin Raber is a digital pioneer.  Embracing digital in 1996 Kevin hasn’t looked back.  In the seventies and eighties, Kevin ran a very successful commercial studio in the Philadelphia area.  In the mid eighties, he bought one of the first Macintosh computers and started a software company writing software for photographers.  He sold both the studio and software company in 1990 and worked with Burrell Professional Labs as Sales and Business Development Manager.  In the mid 90’s he was part of the team that developed initially a hybrid digital workflow for color labs and eventually a fully digital workflow.  In 1999 he joined Phase One as a Vice President and worked on numerous projects with Phase One until 2013. From 2013 – 2018 Kevin served as the CEO and Publisher of Luminous-Landscape.

Kevin’s passion for photography can only be experienced by photographing with him.  His collection of images from all corners of the globe is extensive.  He was the originator of the well known PODAS workshops. He was CEO & Publisher of the website from 2013-2018.  You can see more of Kevin’s work at

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