Formal education from the University of South Florida in Information Systems, software analysis and design.  Started in the graphics industry in 1989 with a broadcast engineering company focused on providing solutions for on air graphics, animation systems and controllers for both TV and motion picture.  This work led to the creation of one of the first commercially available multi dimensional color systems.

Early markets included industrial design, Apparel CAD and motion picture for printing animation cells on Iris printers for the likes of Disney, DreamWorks, Fox Animation and many others.  In 1995 ColorByte Software was formed to pursue the development of both scanning and ink jet printing applications for graphic art and fine art, including photography (the digital transformation in photography had not yet taken place).

ColorByte was the first company to release a color profiled print environment for RGB reproduction.  This first of a kind software drove the Iris printer series and was sold and distributed through Iris Graphics.

For the last 20+ years we have innovated technologies for inkjet printing in both color and black and white.  Our main software title ImagePrint, has been the industry leader in color critical printing for over 20 years.

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