Although he has his own gallery and has been exhibited widely, books are the heart of Joe Cornish’s photographic output. First Light, a Landscape Photographers Art, is one of the best-loved landscape photography books of the modern era. He wrote and photographed Scotland’s Coast, and the critically acclaimed Scotland’s Mountains. He has had a DVD (With Landscape in Mind) and a book (Joe Cornish, a Photographer at Work) made about him.

A reluctant convert to digital imaging, Joe bought his first Phase One back (a P45+) in 2008. He has since evolved his working method to mirror that of large format film, so shoots on a Linhof Techno, and since 2011 a Phase One IQ180. The Phase One files complement the printing workflow needed for his North Yorkshire gallery,

Joe is part of the elite group, The world’s 40 most influential Nature Photographers, listed by Outdoor Photography magazine in 2010, and he has appeared on television as a presenter and photographic expert. He has been a judge on Wildlife Photographer of the Year and is an honorary Fellow of the RPS.

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