Jeff Schewe is a digital pioneer. An award winning advertising photographer by trade, he has been a long-term alpha/beta tester for Photoshop, Camera Raw and Lightroom, and has been personally involved with their development. He is also a well-known fine art printing guru and is an Epson Stylus Pro member and leader of the Epson Print Academy. Jeff is the co-author of “Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS4” as well as co-author, along with Martin Evening, of “Photoshop CS4 For Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop”.

He’s a member of the NAPP Photoshop Hall of Fame. Jeff is also a founding partner in PixelGenius, LLC makers of the PhotoKit™ line of plug-ins. Jeff has also been seen in a variety of Luminous Landscape video tutorials along with his on-screen partner, Michael Reichmann, including their Camera To Print and Lightroom tutorials.

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