Chris has been involved in film and video production for more than 40 years as an award-winning commercial & TV director, cameraman & editor. His first camera was the family’s box Brownie

Photography was a hobby pursued while studying at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This interest in photography led to the first job as a trainee cameraman & editor in Kingston, Jamaica.

After a few decades of directing, shooting and fooling around with cameras & boats, Chris and Michael began The Luminous Landscape Video Journal (LLVJ) as an off-shoot of the Luminous Landscape website.

The LLVJ was originally intended to be a series for cable television. But the then-new opportunity to self-publish was more attractive! Early issues were shot on DV, edited in Final Cut and mastered to DVD – it was the bleeding edge! Technology improved and DV & HDV gave way to HD. DVDs then disappeared as a distribution format and were replaced by HD Downloads. This too will inevitably change…

The Luminous Landscape Video Journal ran to 20 issues and has now morphed into Luminous Landscape Video.

Chris is now handling the overall production values for and filming and producing the New Shooting With The Master Series.

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