Svalbard The Polar Bear Adventure

The Quest

 August 5 – 15th, 2020

It’s time once again to book one of our most popular trips.  I am joined by Master Photographer and friend Peter Eastway.  Together we will lead you on an adventure of a lifetime as we traverse the Svalbard Polar Region on the quest to spot and photograph polar bears as well as other wildlife including walruses.  We will also witness glaciers and incredible landscapes.  We will have complete info available soon.  Mark your calendar and drop me an email if you are interested in joining this workshop [email protected].

The Svalbard Trip Log


We recently finished our two back to back workshops in the Svalbard and they were absolutely great.  The Svalabrd region is a really special place to visit and more and more people are discovering it every year.  We made these two trips aboard the Malmö a small 70 year old ship that has been refitted for these special trips.  It was a classic experience.  We were able to see amazing wildlife and spectacular landscapes.  The groups on both trips were the best.  Peter Cox one of the instructors has complied a trip log with the help of Morten Jørgenen our expedition leader and the trip log can be viewed HERE.  It also included a small video made by Peter using drone from the ship.