Falklands – South Georgia Expedition October 2020


October 3 – 17, 2020


US $9,990 per berth, all-inclusive.
Each with 2 lower berths and private facilities.

US $11,495 per berth, all-inclusive.
Each with 2 lower berths and private facilities.

Deluxe Veranda
US $11,990 per berth, all-inclusive.
Each with 2 lower berths and private facilities.

Penthouse Suites
US $13,990 per berth, all-inclusive.
Each with 2 lower berths and private facilities.

Availability: First come first served. Couples will share a cabin. Individuals traveling alone will share a double or triple with others of the same sex, unless a dedicated Single cabin is selected. These fees may be paid in installments, and are all-inclusive.

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 PAYMENTS – A deposit of $2500 USD is due at the time of registration.   The second payment of 2500 USD per person is due on January 15, 2020, and the final balance is due 120 days prior to the trip.  All payments are non-refundable.

Read Full Terms and Conditions here


 Steve Gosling

Steve Gosling

I am a professional photographer who specializes in producing creative & contemporary landscape images (my ‘signature’ style is moody, atmospheric and minimalist black & white photographs).

My images have been published internationally as posters & greetings cards and have appeared in advertisements, books, magazines, newspapers & calendars across the world. Prints of my work have been exhibited in venues throughout the UK and have appeared on sets for both theatre and film productions. My work has also won awards in both national and international competitions.

I particularly enjoy writing & teaching about photography. As well as being a contributor to many of the major photography magazines in the UK and abroad I regularly give talks to photographic societies and other groups. I have run a successful workshop program for several years encouraging and inspiring photographers of all levels from across the world.

Chris Sanderson


Chris has been involved in film and video production for more than 40 years as an award-winning commercial & TV director, cameraman & editor. His first camera was the family’s box Brownie – which was probably used to shoot this photo

Photography was a hobby pursued while studying at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This interest in photography led to a first job as a trainee cameraman & editor in Kingston, Jamaica.

After a few decades of directing, shooting and fooling around with cameras & boats, Chris and Michael began The Luminous Landscape Video Journal (LLVJ) as an off-shoot of the Luminous Landscape web-site.

The LLVJ was originally intended to be a series for cable television. But the then-new opportunity to self-publish was more attractive! Early issues were shot on DV, edited in Final Cut and mastered to DVD – it was the bleeding edge! Technology improved and DV & HDV gave way to HD. DVDs then disappeared as a distribution format and were replaced by HD Downloads. This too will inevitably change…

Kevin Raber


I see the world through the lens and a frame. Photography for me is an extension of who I am. I have gone through many stages in my career. At one time I was a portrait photographer with many prestigious clients. Over time I grew restless for something else in the field. I truly enjoy my current work as a fine art landscape photographer. There is something special about examining and photographing everything from grand scenes in nature that are there for a moment and then gone to industrial landscapes and focusing on the incredibly minute details of peeling paint and rust. I am most fortunate to be able to travel to many wonderful places.

I have fond memories of nights and weekends spent in the darkroom creating prints. The stereo blasting. It could be fun and it could be tedious. You didn’t always know what you were going to get and, at times, it required extensive hands-on darkroom manipulation. I can still smell the chemicals. I was taught by the masters of the darkroom.

Today, that has all changed thanks to the advent of computers, digital cameras and Photoshop. The darkroom is the computer. Some things are still unpredictable, but the tools to achieve the final result allow you to see them immediately on the screen in real time and right in front of you. Digital allows you to capture a range of tonalities and exposures that were impossible with film. Variables such as emulsion, temperature, chemistry and exposure are taken out of the equation. What you see on your computer monitor is what you will get when printed.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the music. It goes along with creating and working on images. Thank God for iTunes.

I embraced digital early on. It continues to evolve and provide flexibility to all who embrace it. The digital age is still young and has completely transformed our industry. Never before has a switch from analog to digital been so prevalent as in photography. I’m looking forward to seeing where the next ten years takes us.

My career in photography has evolved since 1972 when I first began making a living with photography. Today I am also CEO and Publisher of photoPXL.com as well as this site.  I lead photography workshops to edge of the planet locations as well as provide instructional videos to photographers on how to improve their craft.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that can dampen my passion and enthusiasm for photography. It has opened doors to the world for me and I am most grateful I can share my experiences with others. You can visit my personal; webiste kevinraber.com

The Falklands and South Georgia Islands

October 3 – 17, 2020

With Kevin Raber, Steve Gosling and Chris Sanderson

It’s been 3 years since we did our last South Georgia photography workshop and what a workshop that was. In October 2020 we will once again travel to the Falklands andSouth Georgia for one of the most amazing photography workshops you could take part in. Organized by photoPXl and Rockhopper Workshops with Kevin Raber, Chris Sanderson and Steve Gosling in collaboration with ANTARCTICA 21, we will embark on a trip that will leave you with memories and images you will cherish forever. Kevin has lead photographic workshops and expeditions to some of the most picturesque places on the planet, and this will be his 18th trip to Antarctica.


For the first time, we will save days of sailing in rough seas by flying from Santiago, Chile to Port Stanley in the Falklands. We will then board one of the newest and best-equipped expedition ships today, the Magellan Explorer and begin our voyage. Our voyage begins with three days in the Falkland Islands where we will visit Port Stanley, Saunders Island, Carcass Island, New Island, Wendall Island and Bleaker Island.  The complete itinerary is below.  All of these locations will offer beautiful landscapes as well as an opportunity to see wildlife the likes of which you have never seen before.

We then put to sea for two days and head towards South Georgia Island. This is an Island straight out of those lost continent movies. Shackleton and his amazing story of survival in Antarctica made the Island famous. South Georgia has stunning landscapes and incredible wildlife. We will be landing on some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Thousands upon thousands of King Penguins along with elephant seals, fur seals, and numerous bird species will greet us. We will visit abandoned whaling stations, Shackleton’s grave and then boat cruise fjords with glaciers, katabatic winds, and waterfalls that are unlike anything you have seen before. Top all of this off with lenticular clouds and amazing sunrises and sunsets and you’ll understand why many people call this the most amazing island on the planet.

After five days in South Georgia, we begin our journey back to the Falklands where we will catch our flight back to Santiago.

Our focus on this trip will be all about getting the best images you can imagine.  Kevin Raber, Steve Gosling, and Chris Sanderson will be there to help you with everything you might possibly need help with.  We’ll guide you with lectures and in the field.  We will help you select the right camera and lens combination for each excursion as well as assist with editing when needed.  During our days at Sea, we will be leading lectures along with the expedition team.


We will be experiencing this trip aboard the Magellan Explorer.  This is a brand new ship designed specifically for this kind of adventure.  Complete details on this ship are below.  I will be joining the inaugural voyage for the Magellan Explorer in November 2019 and after that trip, we’ll have more images and videos of this ship to share.

Below is a video from our last South Georgia trip.  The video is a slideshow put to music with highlights of the trip as well as images from the photographers on the trip. I’m sure you’ll feel the excitement I do every time I watch this show.


You’ll begin your trip from Santiago, Chile.  I suggest you arrive a few days early and enjoy Santiago as well as taking an adventure day to visit Valparaiso.  This is a very fun city to visit and is known as the graffiti capital of the world.  Walking the streets is like walking through an art museum as the graffiti is art in itself.  We will fly out of Santiago on day one.  Because we are flying on a commercial flight there will be no luggage weight restrictions like on our flyovers to Antarctica.  Antarctica 21 will provide flight and cost of flight information when you register.


DAY 1 / October 3rd – Port Stanley, embarkation

Pick up at the airport in Port Stanley, town visit, and embarkation.

DAY 2 / October 4th – Saunders Island, Carcass Island

During a morning visit to Saunders Island, we enjoy the long white-sand beach. A wilderness experience, the main attractions there are rockhopper penguins, nesting black-browed albatross, and sub-Antarctic gentoo penguins. In the afternoon we visit Carcass Island. There is an option for an easy hike to the settlement, bird watching, and a typical Falklands tea experience.


DAY 3 / October 5th – New Island, Weddell Island

We visit New Island, a classic West Falklands experience, with albatross and penguin colonies. Depending on local conditions, in the afternoon we could visit Weddell Island.

DAY 4 / October 6th Bleaker Island

Morning landing at Bleaker Island. This is a natural reserve with a famous bird area featuring a large variety of birds. In the afternoon we head to South Georgia.


DAY 5-6 / October 7th and 8th –  At Sea

As we sail toward South Georgia, attend an engaging program of lectures and presentations. In the company of expert guides, watch for wildlife from the lounge or from the outside decks. You may spot magnificent seabirds, such as albatrosses and petrels, as well as different species of whales.



Day 7 / October 9th – Elsehul Bay

Depending on sea conditions over the previous days, arrival is planned for the afternoon. Provided we receive approval from the South Georgia Government, we plan to do an evening Zodiac cruise at Elsehul Bay.

DAY 8 / October 10th – Grytviken, Fortuna Bay

Our first landing is at Grytviken. We clear Customs and then visit the historical site, with the museum and Ernest Shackleton’s grave. In the afternoon, we land at Fortuna Bay / Stromness to see king penguins. Here we learn more about Shackleton and his expedition. There is also an optional 2-3 hour “Shackleton walk”.


DAY 9 / October 11th – Gold Harbour, Cooper Bay

In the morning we plan a landing at Gold Harbour. This is a spectacular location with king penguins, elephant seals, and hanging glaciers. There are also sooty albatross here. In the afternoon, we visit Cooper Bay to see macaroni penguins during a Zodiac cruise.

DAY 10 / October 12th – St Andrews Bay, Ocean Harbour

St Andrews Bay is the destination of our morning excursion. We see the largest king penguin colony and elephant seal bulls. In the afternoon, we plan a Zodiac cruise and landing at Ocean Harbour. The highlights here are a shipwreck and remains of the whaling industry.


DAY 11 / October 13th – Prion Island, Salisbury Plain

In the morning we plan to visit Prion Island to see the nesting wandering albatross. In the afternoon, we head to Salisbury Plain for more king penguins and stunning landscapes.

Day 12-14 / October 14th – 16th – At Sea

As we make our way back to the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) our program of lectures and presentations continues. This will be a good time to work on our images and do image critiques

Day 15 / Port Stanley, disembarkation

Upon arrival at Port Stanley, we disembark and transfer to the airport for the ongoing flight.

Book early as this trip is one of our most popular


The Perfect Trip For Significant Others

As a photographer, we often take trips without our significant other.  This should not be the case with such a location as the Falklands and South Georgia.  This trip will change you.  You’ll see things that will leave you in awe.  This is a very comfortable ship and your significant other will not only be comfortable but will also be able to experience what you as a photographer will.

I assure you that this will be an adventure both of you will share and talk about the rest of your lives.

The Vessel

Magellan Explorer

The Magellan Explorer

Magellan Explorer is a new and modern expedition vessel custom build for our Antarctic air-cruises. She was built in Chile to the latest Polar Code specifications to start service in 2019.

For our air-cruises, Magellan Explorer has a capacity for 100 passengers accommodated in seven categories of accommodation, including dedicated single cabins. All cabins except Porthole cabins feature private balconies. All double cabins except two have two twin beds that can be configured as one king-size bed. All cabins feature a wardrobe, individually controlled heating system, a sitting area, and a private bathroom with shower.
The ship features a glass-enclosed observation lounge and presentation room with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, a spacious and stylish dining room, a well-stocked bar, a library, a meeting room, a gym, a sauna, and a medical clinic. The forward-facing observation deck leads to the bow of the ship, which is accessible to guests to offer proximity to marine wildlife. The ship has a fleet of 10 Zodiac boats that are well suited for disembarking and wildlife watching.


Category           Average size              Details
Penthouse            330 sq. ft.                  Two-room suite with sitting room,
 balcony, and bedroom
Deluxe Veranda  220 sq. ft.                  Cabin with sitting area and balcony
Veranda                220 sq. ft.                  Cabin with sitting area and balcony
Porthole                220 sq. ft.                  Cabin with sitting area and porthole

PASSENGERS: 100 maximum
LIFEBOATS: 2, fully enclosed, a capacity of 160 (in addition to 8 life rafts, a capacity of 160)
LENGTH: 90.7 m
BREADTH: 16.2 m
DRAFT: 4.3 m
PROPULSION: Diesel engines, 3,440 kW
CRUISING SPEED: 14 knots in open water

Prices (per berth)

Single Veranda Cabin       $21,266.00
Grand Suite                          $23,890.00
Penthouse Suite                 $13,990.00
Deluxe Veranda Cabin     $11,990.00
Veranda Cabin                    $11,495.00
Porthole Cabin                    $9,990.00
Triple Suite                          $15,890.00

 PAYMENTS – A deposit of $2500 USD is due at the time of registration.   The second payment of 2500 USD per person is due on January 15, 2020, and the final balance is due 120 days prior to the trip.  All payments are non-refundable.

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2020 Terms and Conditions For Antarctica 21

Cruise The Falklands and South Georgia

Small Is Beautiful
Antarctica 21 offers a boutique-style wilderness adventure, not a cruise. Feeling more like private yachts than cruise ships, our small expedition vessels give you privileged access to these lovely islands, taking you where larger ships cannot. With a smaller number of passengers, disembarkation is fast and efficient so you spend time exploring, not waiting.

Antarctica 21’s Unique Features
Air-Cruises is all we do. As a boutique specialist, we dedicate 100% of our resources to the organization of your polar region trip of a lifetime.

Experience and Expertise
Antarctica 21 pioneered the Air-Cruise model. We are the world’s leader in this unique style of travel to these remote regions. We have completed over 140 fly and cruise departures, more than any other company in the world, by far.

One Flight Per Expedition
We use a single flight to carry all travelers to and from the Falklands for each of our expeditions. This makes our operation fast and efficient while reducing the chance of weather-related delays compared to the alternatives..

High Staff / Traveler Ratio
Travel with a well-staffed team of at least twelve professional polar guides. Passionate and engaging, they will make your trip memorable.

Observation Deck Lounge
Main Dining Area
Outdoor Bar B Q area

Triple Suite

Porthole Cabin
Penthouse Suite
Veranda Cabin
The Gran Suite


Included In The Rate

• Ship cruise for the Falklands and South Georgia Islands as indicated in the program corresponding to the voyage.
• Daily buffet breakfast and lunch on board ship offering a wide choice of dishes.
• Daily served dinner on board ship offering a choice of three main courses.
• Wine, beer, juice, and soft drinks served with lunch and dinner on board ship.
• Coffee, tea, chocolate, cappuccino, water and snacks on board ship throughout the expedition.
• All guided shore excursions.
• Lectures and entertainment on board.
• Comprehensive pre- and post-voyage information material.
• A loan of waterproof boots for landing in Antarctica

Specifically Not Included In The Rate

• Accommodation, meals, excursions, and transfers other than those included in the itinerary and the Contingency Plan corresponding to each voyage. Specifically, dinner in Punta Arenas upon return from Antarctica is not included.
• Beverages purchased at the ship’s bar.
• Personal insurance
• Extra expenses (communication, laundry, souvenirs, etc.).
• Gratuities.
• Visas for Chile and/or Argentina, passport expenses, and any arrival and/or departure tax, if applicable.

Download Registration Form

If you have questions please contact Kevin Raber at [email protected] or call +1-317-379-7482

2020 Terms and Conditions For Antarctica 21

Some Falkland Photos









A Few More Images

Kevin Raber
May 2019