Palouse Harvest Tour 2019

Mark your calendar for August 12 – 17, 2019 for an incredible tour of the Palouse during the wheat harvest.  This is such a cool time to visit the Palouse.  The Harvest is about a landscape turned gold with rolling hills of wheat ready to be harvested.  The landscape is unique and dynamic as it changes every day.  This provides us exceptional opportunities to get the best images.  We will be out from dawn to dusk shooting and along the way enjoying wonderful meals and local culture.  This is a 4 person workshop so you’ll have plenty of one on one time with me.  We’ll visit places other workshops can’t go.  And more than anything else we will have a lot of od fun doing it.  So, sign up today and take a magical trip through the Palouse during the harvest.  Hope you can make it.

Palouse Summer Tour One Set Left

Classic Rolling hills

If you haven’t visited the Palouse in the summer you’re missing a rare treat.  This is one of my favorite areas in America to do photography.  It’s not a National Park or a place with scenic overlooks.  It’s an area of rolling green hills that take on new dimensions with the shadows of clouds and early and late day light.  We chase the light.  While I know a ton of good locations since I have been coming to the region since 2005 I am still finding new gems. This a four-person workshop where we travel where other workshops can’t go in our suburban 4wd vehicle.  Except for airfare to Spokane, everything else is included.  Your hotel, transportation, and all meals are part of the price.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  I have one spot left for this trip and still have an opening for our Harvest Time trip in August.  Check them out.  If you have questions, let me know.

One of our many locations

Palouse Workshop Is Completed

This Is The Palouse, Lonely Trees & Windmills

This Is The Palouse, Lonely Trees & Windmills

The Palouse Workshop is underway.  This workshop is a PODAS workshop facilitated by Rockhopper Workshops and Luminous-Landscape.  What this means is that Phase One is providing everyone on the workshop a camera system to use plus classroom tutorials on the Capture One workflow.  We have a great line up of attendees. Kevin Raber and Jeff Schewe are instructors.  Andrew Warman from Phase One is providing technical and logistical support.   Check back through out the week as we update the blog with our activities during this workshop.

Palouse Workshop Announced

August 18 – 23, 2014

August 18 – 23, 2014

Please join us on what promises to be a most remarkable Landscape Photography workshop in the Palouse: Explore the Palouse – August 18 – 23, 2014

Luminous-Landscape and Phase One join up to offer a one of a kind PODAS workshop. Kevin Raber, publisher and CEO of Luminous-Landscape with Jeff Schewe, LuLa video tutorial instructor as well as world renown photographer, Lightroom and Photoshop expert will lead you to some amazing spots in one of their favorite places to photograph landscapes.  And, to enhance this workshop further you will be provided the state of the art Phase One DF camera system, access to a complete set of Phase One lenses and an IQ2x0 digital back to shoot with during the workshop.