Kevin Raber

Kevin Raber is a digital pioneer.  Embracing digital in 1996 Kevin hasn’t looked back.  In the seventies and eighties, Kevin ran a very successful commercial studio in the Philadelphia area.  In the mid-eighties, he bought one of the first Macintosh computers and started a software company writing software for photographers.  He sold both the studio and software company in 1990 and worked with Burrell Professional Labs as Sales and Business Development Manager.  In the mid 90’s he was part of the team that developed initially a hybrid digital workflow for color labs and eventually a fully digital workflow.  In 1999 he joined Phase One as a Vice President and worked on numerous projects with Phase One until 2013. From 2013 – 2018, Kevin was CEO and Publisher of

Kevin’s passion for photography can only be experienced by photographing with him.  His collection of images from all corners of the globe is extensive.  He was the originator of the well known PODAS workshops and now brings this experience to Rockhopper workshops.  You can see more of Kevin’s work at

Joe Cornish

Joe CornishAlthough he has his own gallery and has been exhibited widely, books are the heart of Joe Cornish’s photographic output. First Light, a Landscape Photographers Art, is one of the best-loved landscape photography books of the modern era. He wrote and photographed Scotland’s Coast, and the critically acclaimed Scotland’s Mountains. He has had a DVD (With Landscape in Mind) and a book (Joe Cornish, a Photographer at Work) made about him.

A reluctant convert to digital imaging, Joe bought his first Phase One back (a P45+) in 2008. He has since evolved his working method to mirror that of large format film, so shoots on a Linhof Techno, and since 2011 a Phase One IQ180. The Phase One files complement the printing workflow needed for his North Yorkshire gallery,

Joe is part of the elite group, The world’s 40 most influential Nature Photographers, listed by Outdoor Photography magazine in 2010, and he has appeared on television as a presenter and photographic expert. He has been a judge on Wildlife Photographer of the Year and is an honorary Fellow of the RPS.

Visit Joe Cornish’s Website HERE

Steve Gosling

Steve GoslingI am a professional photographer who specializes in producing creative & contemporary landscape images (my ‘signature’ style is moody, atmospheric and minimalist black & white photographs).

My images have been published internationally as posters & greetings cards and have appeared in advertisements, books, magazines, newspapers & calendars across the world. Prints of my work have been exhibited in venues throughout the UK and have appeared on sets for both theatre and film productions. My work has also won awards in both national and international competitions.

I particularly enjoy writing & teaching about photography. As well as being a contributor to many of the major photography magazines in the UK and abroad I regularly give talks to photographic societies and other groups. I have run a successful workshop program  for several years encouraging and inspiring photographers of all levels from across the world.

You can find out more about Steve Gosling HERE

Peter Cox

Peter is a professional landscape photographer – one of only a handful in Ireland. He was the only Irish photographer to travel to Iceland in 2010 to photograph the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption.

Peter received a Fellowship from the Irish Professional Photographers Association (IPPA) and also a Qualified European Photographer award from the Federation of European Photographers.

He has a passion for both photography and for teaching, and he leads photography tours year-round, both private and group workshops and courses – all on digital landscape photography. He has also taught a short Winter course on digital post processing techniques at Williams College in Massachusetts in the USA.

Jeff Schewe

Jeff ScheweJeff Schewe is a digital pioneer. An award winning advertising photographer by trade, he has been a long-term alpha/beta tester for Photoshop, Camera Raw and Lightroom, and has been personally involved with their development. He is also a well-known fine art printing guru and is an Epson Stylus Pro member and leader of the Epson Print Academy. Jeff is the co-author of “Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS4” as well as co-author, along with Martin Evening, of “Photoshop CS4 For Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop”.

He’s a member of the NAPP Photoshop Hall of Fame. Jeff is also a founding partner in PixelGenius, LLC makers of the PhotoKit™ line of plug-ins. Jeff has also been seen in a variety of Luminous Landscape video tutorials along with his on-screen partner, Michael Reichmann, including their Camera To Print and Lightroom tutorials.

Christian Fletcher

ChristianFletcher-004I have been taking photographs professionally for over 20 years. In that time I have had to evolve with every advance in technology and creative technique. It is such an exciting and challenging time to be in the industry. The advent of digital has revolutionized photography as an art form. It has also bought photography and image manipulation to the masses. Every second person now takes photographs and many are trying their hand at creating a living from their hobbies. Digital in some ways made it easier to be a “photographer”, but it still takes a certain level of skill and understanding to truly master the craft.

I cut my teeth on film and lived for years in a darkened room, mixing chemicals, printing my own prints and framing them. When I think of where I began, look at where I am now and beyond to the future I am amazed at how far I have come and how far there is still left to go. Every month someone develops an new idea or approach that refines photography just that little bit more. It is these refinements that keep it exciting for me. Photography comes second to my family, I place it that highly. Sometimes it can be frustrating, sometimes depressing, but it is always rewarding if you work hard and want to succeed.

One of the premiere Australian Landscape Photographers, Christian won the AIPP Australian and Western Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2011 and 2014.

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Ken Duncan

ken-duncan_DSC1370-Dolomites-slide-showKen Duncan is well known as the pioneer of Limited Edition Photographic Art in Australia. After a visit to New York in the early 1980’s, Ken returned home with a dream to have photography widely accepted as an art form in this country. The increasing number of Australian photographers now emulating his panoramic style and finding a market for their work is testimony to Ken’s success.

Ever the trend setter and still the market leader, Ken is deeply committed to researching and developing the latest and best technology to bring photographic art into homes and offices right around the world. With every new release he delights long-time collectors and new fans alike with his own inimitable style of landscape photography. Each new exhibition is more vivid and stunning than the last.

Ken is truly passionate about his craft. Always striving for excellence, he travels extensively throughout the world in search of the stunning panoramic landscapes – or Panographs – for which he is best known.

Recognised internationally as a gifted and prolific landscape photographer, Ken still chooses to describe himself as “… an average photographer, with a great God – merely an interpreter of God’s creation”. The art, he says, is in seeing, capturing and presenting these images to others. And this Ken does with his own unique style and his exceptional ability to capture the very spirit of a place at a given moment in time.

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Mark Stothard

Mark Stothard is going to join the coaching team on the Luminous Landscape cruise on the True North next year both as a guide and a coach. Mark is not only a passionate photographer, he is also one of the 2 owners of the True North and as such has been cruising and photographing the Kimberley region now for a number of years and has done around 15 cruises into the Kimberley region. Mark will work in with the Crew on True North to ensure we get to the best locations at the right times, which will also take into consideration the huge 12m tides they get in this region.

Trained by his mentor and close friend Christian Fletcher (also coaching on this cruise), Mark often coaches photography whilst on True North and will be there to show case the Kimberley and his style to all that want to listen. His knowledge of the region is second to none!

He is a high achiever, having been involved in 7 businesses over the years with the main businesses being in aluminum ship building. Mark’s previous company built the True North!!!

To say that Mark is a focused individual would be a major understatement! Having accumulated 3,500 skydives in his time and also numerous Gold Medals in freefall competitions, Mark has applied the same focused and fast tracked learning techniques to photography.

Mark has a unique style of his own and is passionate about sharing his knowledge.

See more of Mark’s work at: