What is Rockhopper Workshops?
Each Rockhopper workshop is held at a world class location providing a wide range of photographic possibilities. You’ll shoot in small groups with an instructor present for one-on-one coaching during the whole workshop.

The team at Rockhopper brings years of experience to facilitating the finest photographic workshops anywhere.

What is included?
Every Rockhopper workshop includes:
The details of what is included are spelled out in the description of the workshop on the workshop web page. In most cases it includes all ground transportation based on the terms of the workshop. Unless otherwise noted for ground based workshops you will receive single occupancy rooms. For ship based workshops prices are based on a shared cabin and are priced by berth. All meals during the course of the workshop are provided. Bottles of water are provide for each participant in each van. Classroom time and access to the instructors are provide during the normal course of the workshop. Any transportation cost outside of the normal workshop description are the participants responsibility. This could include late arrival or early departure costs back to the airport. Any incidentals and alcoholic beverages will be the responsibility of the participant. In some cases the workshop could offer optional helicopter or fixed wing aircraft trips. The costs for these trips unless specified in the workshop description are the participants responsibility.
How to sign up for a workshop
You must register online here: http://rockhopperworkshops.com/registration/

Registration is done on a first-come, first-served basis, so register as soon as possible to secure your spot. Each Rockhopper event is limited to a certain amount of participants and will fill up quickly. A deposit of $2500.00 (unless specified otherwise) or full payment and completed registration form will reserve a place for you on a workshop. Workshop/trip fees are quoted in US dollars and must be paid in US dollars only. Full payment is due no later than 30 days before the workshop start date.

Please see the terms and conditions for complete payment, cancellation and refund details.

What will be taught during the workshop?
Rockhopper workshops has a goal to deliver the best educational experiences possible. You will be kept busy from the first day’s pickup until you return to the airport. First and foremost you’ll learn how to photograph the landscapes of the environments where the workshop is held. Instructors will help you learn to see the shot and how to accomplish the best image capture possible. In addition you will learn digital workflow using Capture One and Lightroom from import to output. In addition once you have the image we will spend time learning what to do with it. How to print the image, publish it on the web, presenting the image in self publishing of books, albums and display methods including mounting and framing.

Each day you will experience photographic excursions starting with sunrise and ending with sunset. During the day and evening there will be presentations by the instructors, one on one tutoring and review of images and portfolios. Workshops are held in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. These locations will offer magnificent opportunities to capture beautiful images.

What is the normal schedule during a workshop?
Lots and lots of shooting. And after that, more shooting!

Usually, there is a sunrise/morning shoot and a late afternoon/sunset shoot that are pre-scheduled at specific locations. Normally we will venture out before sunrise to arrive at specific locations by sunrise. The attendees are split into small groups and usually groups go to different locations so as not to be crowded at any one location. We will normally travel in vans that will allow one staff person and an instructor to 5 student – attendees. After sunrise we will have breakfast and this is usually followed by a morning workshop session by one of the instructors. Lunch is usually followed by an afternoon session before heading out to catch the sunset. Some workshops may have all day shoots depending on locations. After dinner we will normally hold an evening workshop and or free time to work on your images. Instructors and staff will be available to help with software related questions or image enhancement.

What type and size of computer is needed?
A laptop computer is a must. You will be working with large size digital files. Our instructors are well versed in either Lightroom or Capture One digital workflows We also recommend that you bring an external hard drive to back up your files.
Do you limit the size of the workshop?
Rockhopper workshops are limited to no more than 25 attendees unless specified otherwise. Some workshops are smaller and ship based workshops will have in many cases more participants. While this may seem like more than some workshops there are good reasons. First and foremost it has to do with what we offer you. Rockhopper workshops have numerous instructors offering a wider variety of topics covered during the workshop. With these numerous instructors it allows us to breakdown the group during photography excursions to a better instructor to attendee ratio then you get in other workshops. Also, we find that this is a good number for you as an attendee to meet fellow attendees and share collective talent. Finally with this size we are able to make the tuition cost reasonable for the dollar value you get. Remember Rockhopper Workshops are all inclusive.
Who will teach the workshop?
Rockhopper Workshops has gathered one of the most talented and sought after group of instructors to teach these workshops. Each instructor brings a unique talent and teaching skill to each workshop. You’ll learn from different points of view allowing you to blend all ideas into your own. Each instructor is a skilled their own particular disciplines. Check out the workshops to see which instructors will be presenting.
What is the workshop fee and what is included?
The cost for each workshop and what is and is not included are listed on the individual workshop description pages. Rockhopper workshops are all inclusive (unless otherwise specified). Room, meals, transportation during the event (excluding airfare to destination airport) is all included in the fee. You will also experience a unique fellowship and friendship and a great time.
Why should I choose a Rockhopper Workshop?
If you are looking for a workshop that will allow you to take your photography to the next level then this is the workshop for you. Other workshops are usually smaller and less organized. Rockhopper Workshops put these workshops on so you can not only experience the beauty of remarkable locations from around the world, but also bring home amazing images of these places. There is no better way to do this than to work with a wide variety of talented instructors and fellow classmates. Add in top notch destinations and personalized instruction and you have the ingredients for a workshop unlike any other.
What materials will I receive when I sign up?
First you will receive an email confirming you are registered as well as a receipt for your first payment. Then as we get closer to the date of the workshop you will receive emails and updates helping you prepare for not only the workshop but also what the event will offer. You can expect to see photos of some of the locations you will be visiting and a rough agenda. Equipment and clothing needs will also be forwarded to you as well as some select reading for the. Closer to the date you will receive a second receipts for the final payment. Also, at anytime you can communicate with us personally
[email protected].

For trips outside the USA you will also receive pre-departure information on your specific location that includes airline and route recommendations, arrival procedures, visa and entry requirements, what to bring (clothing and photo gear recommendations), applicable health advisories and considerations, a reading list, and information on safety, money, tipping, satellite and cell phone use, electrical needs, language, culture, shopping, gifts and travel annoyances (insects, bumpy roads, heat, cold, etc.).

What will my fellow participants be like?
A short answer would be – just like you. Photography is a passion and you’ll find that generally the group you will be part of has the common denominator of wanting to create great images. The instructors and Rockhopper staff share this passion. Also, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your fellow attendees as part of Rockhopper alumni. You will be amazed at how quickly you get to know your fellow attendees and the things you will learn from each other.
Can I bring a non-photographer (spouse, friend etc) on the trip for free?
Our groups are limited in size and we cannot accommodate non-paying participants. Non-photographers are most welcome on workshops, however a fee will be incurred and handled on a per workshop basis. Rockhopper works very hard to hold workshops at great destinations. So even if you are not a photographer, you’ll have plenty to enjoy, with or without a camera. So anyone – wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other – who wishes to come along, although not a photographer, is counted as a participant and as such, must pay his/her own way (fee to be determined by event). Consideration will be given if the individual is sharing a room.
Can I contact Rockhopper or the instructors prior to the workshops
Yes! Prior to the event you will receive complete information on the workshop as well as email addresses for the instructors. Kevin Raber, Rockhopper workshop coordinator is available at [email protected]. If he is on location at a workshop or other business event his email as well as voice mail will re-direct you to someone who can help you.
Is there a minimum age to take part in a workshop?
Yes, 21. All travel workshops are handled by Rockhopper and our aim is to make your photo experience a memorable one. As we may take our meals in restaurants or other public places, Rockhopper Workshops cannot be responsible for minors and/or underage drinking.
What happens if the workshop is cancelled, or I want to cancel?
You can see the cancellation and refund policies in the Terms & Conditions.
Will I need a car during the workshop?
Rockhopper workshops are all inclusive. We will normally operate 10- 12 passenger vans. Each van will usually have 5 – 8 attendees, one instructor (driver). This allows plenty of room in the van to travel comfortably with room for equipment. Most workshops are run out of one location and travel during photo excursions will be to and from the hotel or resort. In some cases though we will be traveling to multiple locations and different lodging during the workshop. We will pick you up and return you to the closest major airport. Arrangements will be coordinated prior to the workshop and you will be notified of pick up and drop off times and locations. During the workshop you will be assigned one van that you will be your van for the entire time. Instructors will rotate in and out of the vans giving you the benefit of being in a small group that you get to know well and at the same time give you the exposure of different instructors at various photo excursions.
What are the health considerations for the workshops?
All Rockhopper workshops are within the capabilities of people in good health. Some trips require the capability of hiking over uneven trails, over sand dunes, up and down paths etc.—all while carrying an assortment of camera equipment. If you have concerns about your own capabilities and/or fitness as it relates to a trip, please call us before reserving a space.
Do I need to purchase travel insurance, even if I already have normal health insurance?
You are not required to have travel insurance for workshops inside the USA. (it is recommended though). However, all participants for workshop/trips outside the USA are required to have travel insurance. You will need to send us proof of Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation insurance at least 48 hours before departure. This is usually a very minor cost (typically a few hundred dollars) and is designed to give you peace of mind when you invest in travel and embark on your trip. Although it covers what might be considered relatively minor headaches and costs associated with baggage loss, missed connections, and trip interruption, much more importantly you’re protected in case of a medical emergency, or if you lose pre-paid, non-refundable trip deposits and payments because of cancellation or trip interruption. Typically, these services and expenses are not fully covered by your credit card company, homeowner’s policy, and/or medical insurance. You can purchase travel insurance directly from Travel Guard or other similar companies. You can get a direct quote on their web site at travelguard.com or by calling their toll free number: 1-800-826-1300. We recommend a plan that covers medical and dental emergencies, medical evacuation, missed connections, lost luggage and trip cancellation. It is also advisable to carry insurance for your camera equipment. You may also purchase travel insurance from some of these other well known companies:

  • Travelex: 1-800-228-9792
  • Travel Insurance Services: 1-800-937-1387
  • Mondial: 1-888-489-3227
  • Travel Insured 1-800-243-3174

Any questions you may have that are not covered here can be addressed to Kevin Raber at [email protected]