Back From Iceland

I am now back in the office and in catch up mode.  The Luminous-Landscape workshop I just finished running in Iceland was a success.  I did this workshop with my long time friend Daniel Bergmann who is one of the premier guides for Iceland.  He is also a great photographer and wildlife expert.

Iceland has gotten quite crowded with tourists over the last several years.  While this is good for the country economically it is a burden on many visitors as there are now so many people.  On our trips, we won’t even go near the tourist spots.  Too many buses and crazy people.  Instead, we travel to the remote and more picturesque areas of Iceland that tourists don’t visit.   This year we visited some places I haven’t visited before.  The bottom line if I came home with a ton of nice images.  Some of which I share below.

I used a Fuji XT2 with a wide variety of lenses to capture these photos.

Phase One Joins The New Zealand Workshop

P1 square for blog

To make our workshop New Zealand even more appealing, Phase One has come aboard and will offer any attendee who would like the opportunity to shoot with a Phase One camera during the workshop.  They will provide a complete camera system along with a bank of Phase One lenses, at no charge.  This is a unique opportunity to capture these amazing landscape locations with a state of the art medium format camera.  If you have never experienced a file from a Phase One system you’ll be in for a real surprise.  A Phase One representative will be on the workshop to make sure you experience the most from this opportunity.

Palouse Workshop Is Completed

This Is The Palouse, Lonely Trees & Windmills

This Is The Palouse, Lonely Trees & Windmills

The Palouse Workshop is underway.  This workshop is a PODAS workshop facilitated by Rockhopper Workshops and Luminous-Landscape.  What this means is that Phase One is providing everyone on the workshop a camera system to use plus classroom tutorials on the Capture One workflow.  We have a great line up of attendees. Kevin Raber and Jeff Schewe are instructors.  Andrew Warman from Phase One is providing technical and logistical support.   Check back through out the week as we update the blog with our activities during this workshop.

Michael Reichmann Returns To Antarctica


Michael Reichmann

Michael Reichmann

We have two photographic expeditions to Antarctica this coming winter, January 26 – February 4, 2015 and January 31 – February 9, 2015. These will be lead by Kevin Raber and five of the world’s greatest instructor / photographers; Art Wolfe, Christian Fletcher, Charlie Cramer, Joe Cornish. Katrin Eismann and Jackie Ranken.

Now, due to a change of scheduling, Michael Reichmann, founder of Luminous-landscape and the Luminous-Endowment is able to join both expeditions as instructor and traveling companion, his fifth and sixth voyages to Antarctica.

If you’ve always wanted to work with Michael, and wish to do so on a photographic trip that is as close to visiting another planet as any of us will ever get, then grab one of the few remaining places on one of these voyages.

This is the chance of a lifetime.

Peter Cox Joins 2nd Antarctica Trip

Peter Cox

Peter Cox

We have just added Peter Cox to our second Antarctica trip. Peter and I have worked together on a number of workshops and most recently the Svalbard double header that we just completed. Peter will round out our instructor line up giving attendees one of the most talented set of instructors every assembled for a workshop.

This is your chance not only to see an amazing part of the planet but also work with some of your favorite photographic instructors.

The Svalbard Trip Log


We recently finished our two back to back workshops in the Svalbard and they were absolutely great.  The Svalabrd region is a really special place to visit and more and more people are discovering it every year.  We made these two trips aboard the Malmö a small 70 year old ship that has been refitted for these special trips.  It was a classic experience.  We were able to see amazing wildlife and spectacular landscapes.  The groups on both trips were the best.  Peter Cox one of the instructors has complied a trip log with the help of Morten Jørgenen our expedition leader and the trip log can be viewed HERE.  It also included a small video made by Peter using drone from the ship.

2015 Ultimate Iceland Adventure


Daniel Bergmann, together with Kevin Raber, is leading our joint 2015 Ultimate Iceland Adventure (more information and booking details here).

A little about Daniel

Daniel was born and raised in Iceland and developed an interest in photography as a teenager. Combined with a strong interest in nature and travel it soon led him into the field of nature photography, which has been his passion ever since. Over the past two decades Daniel has built his reputation as a nature and landscape photographer, and in 2009, was invited to participate in the distinguished Wild Wonders of Europe project.

The 2015 Ultimate Iceland Adventure

This itinerary puts a major focus on the Highlands, a remarkable part of Iceland and includes aerial photography from a helicopter. As always in Iceland, the weather will be unpredictable and variable and we’ll have sunshine, rain and wind and probably a bit of everything else. But the dramatic weather is just what makes for fantastic photographic opportunities.

Find out more and book the 2015 Ultimate Iceland Adventure here

Antarctic Photographic Expeditions for 2015

Antarctica 2014

The Luminous Landscape has conducted four previous Antarctic photographic expeditions and workshops. In January and February 2015 we will be producing our fifth and sixth trips to the world’s most spectacular imaging location. These two trips, each lasting a week, will be taught by six of the world’s finest photographic instructors (one instructors will switch out for each trip, see below). This is a dream team of photographic experience.

Find out more, and book here: Luminous Landscape Antarctic Expeditions Jan/Feb 2015


Scotland – Isle of Skye – workshop announced


Luminous-Landscape and Phase One are proud to announce an amazing Isle Of Skye Photography Workshop: Scotland – Isle of Skye – November 1st to 7th, 2014

This will be a LuLa – PODAS workshop, where every attendee is provided a Phase One camera system with the latest Phase One digital back to use for the duration of the workshop.  As with all LuLa and PODAS workshops everything is covered in the workshop fee except transportation to the Inverness Airport.