It’s Been Way Too Long

August 5 -15th 2020 – Aboard The Quest

We are back and bigger than ever.  Exciting times.  So far this year we have had two great workshops.  One in Japan and one in Antarctica.  Our next workshops start this summer in the Palouse.

As you may know, we used to facilitate workshops for Luminous Landscape.  At the beginning of this year, we have separated from LuLa and in addition, myself and the rest of my team there have joined me on a new venture to launch a new website for photographers  This is an exciting project and we have a dream of making this site the go-to place for all of those that have a serious interest in photography.  If you go to you can sign up to be notified when we are ready to launch the site.

The Site

As you can see but maybe not in details the site will look different than what we were used to before.  We have done a lot of engineering so you can find the content that appeals to you the most.  We’ll have a lot of other cool feature too that we will highlight in future posts. We expect to launch our new site this May.  If you are interested you can sign up at to be notified.  In the meantime, we will be posting more often here and letting everyone know about our new workshops that are coming or soon to take place.

The full front page of the new site.



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