2015 Ultimate Iceland Adventure


Daniel Bergmann, together with Kevin Raber, is leading our joint 2015 Ultimate Iceland Adventure (more information and booking details here).

A little about Daniel

Daniel was born and raised in Iceland and developed an interest in photography as a teenager. Combined with a strong interest in nature and travel it soon led him into the field of nature photography, which has been his passion ever since. Over the past two decades Daniel has built his reputation as a nature and landscape photographer, and in 2009, was invited to participate in the distinguished Wild Wonders of Europe project.

The 2015 Ultimate Iceland Adventure

This itinerary puts a major focus on the Highlands, a remarkable part of Iceland and includes aerial photography from a helicopter. As always in Iceland, the weather will be unpredictable and variable and we’ll have sunshine, rain and wind and probably a bit of everything else. But the dramatic weather is just what makes for fantastic photographic opportunities.

Find out more and book the 2015 Ultimate Iceland Adventure here